What painful truths did the LTTE conceal until today?

Truth Behind Dare documentary sends shockwaves

The first video documentary produced by Lanka Courier, poignantly titled “Truth Behind Dare” which was released on the eve of the United Nations 46th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, sent shockwaves across the country and overseas. 

The video brings to life, footages seen never before of the brutality of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on Tamil Children and animals. The documentary shows how members of the LTTE terrorist organization used explosives such as TNT to kill thousands of dogs and goats in the North and East of Sri Lanka and in other instance used the animals as shooting props for practices.

This is the first time in almost 11 years since the end of the conflict that the true picture of the LTTE has emerged, and goes to show why the organization is one of the most ruthless and dangerous terrorist outfits that has no qualms for the life of its own people.

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Contradictory to the very ethos the LTTE preached, bullied and threatened the Tamil people into believing, in the video innocent children taken away from their families and deprived of their childhood only to be trained as LTTE cadres.

The footage was supplied by former LTTE cadres who wanted to expose the brutality of this organization. Will those grieving parents who are looking for their lost children identify the children shown in the documentary?

In an emotional appeal, a father is seen reluctantly giving away his young son teary eyed and shattered. The boy who appears to be wearing his father’s shirt looks lost and speechless. The father is seen wiping away tears and still firmly holding on to the hands of his own child, unwilling to part with him. For they know they may never see their children ever again.

The documentary traces such tragic stories of children abducted by the LTTE from Tamil families in the North and East. The location where some of the footage was taken has not been named to protect those who have revealed this information.

The video shows young children, who have barely reached puberty, being trained to fight in wars and being given cyanide capsules to commit suicide upon capture. A woman named Adel is shown helping train these children. She wears a smile and is seen pleased with the way the children rehearse. The narrator rhetorically asks who will bring these violent groups before International Courts and what human rights body would talk about these atrocities. 

The narrator notes that those who benefited from terrorism still live today with bloodlust. The Army saved nearly 300,000 unarmed civilians towards the latter stage of the war. The wish of every Sri Lankan is that such a tragic past should never be experienced by anyone ever again.

Since its original release in English, the video has been released in Sinhala, Tamil, Chinese, German, Hindi and French. The publication has received an overwhelming response and continues to do so even at the time this edition of the magazine went into press. The video is available online on Lanka Courier official Youtube Channel and social media platforms

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